Finer Credit announces a partnership with Experian

Finer Credit is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Experian. Our collaboration will integrate an automated ID verification system and simplify the fact-finding process by applying open banking API solutions. These improvements will translate into significantly less time for the user to respond to queries surrounding their financial circumstances and increased accuracy when transferring applications to respective lenders. By obtaining all the necessary financial information from a user, Finer Credit will then have the capacity to expedite the entire mortgage application process down to 20 minutes.

At Finer Credit, we are dedicated to reinventing the traditional mortgage experience. Having launched in the UK, our present focus lies on developing a more sophisticated version of the product, making the mortgage journey faster, easier, and better.

Teaming up with Experian, a market leader in providing information services, will permit us to enrich and enhance our services. Enabling for a streamlined authentication process and laying down the foundation for us to achieve our foremost goal, optimizing the overall customer mortgage experience.

Alper Musaoglu, Chief Marketing Officer of Finer Credit said: “We are building the fastest and easiest mortgage application process and our partnership with Experian will enable us to provide products with long-awaited digital finance capabilities.”

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