Finer Credit closed a pre-seed round led by SFC Capital

Finer Credit closed a further pre-seed funding round led by SFC Capital to fuel its launch plan across the UK.

Kris Krupecki, Alper Musaoglu, and Adam Molewko founded Finer Credit to make mortgage solutions faster, more accessible, and transparent. Placing the 86 million migrant population in Europe, currently underserved by the financial services market at the forefront. Finer Credit intends to address this group’s core needs by providing a fully automated service in the user’s native language that seamlessly integrates into their growing digital lifestyle. Ensuring all mortgage seekers access the best possible deals while helping them avoid tedious paperwork, long processing times, and stress.

Finer Credit co-founders; Alper Musaoglu (left) and Kris Krupecki (right)

The purpose of this pre-seed funding aims towards launching the first version of the product for the UK market while developing a more sophisticated automated advisory module to respond to the increasing customer demand. This module employs cutting-edge technology to replace human advisors, contextualize information, and provide users with comprehensive and tailored solutions.

Finer Credit is free online mortgage broker