Finer Credit raised a pre-seed round from Think Bigger Capital to make the mortgage process faster, cheaper and more accessible

You know that applying for a mortgage is one of the most painful processes out there. The majority of the population are still using slow, expensive and unpleasant traditional solutions. With over ten years of financial services experience, Kris Krupecki, Alper Musaoglu and Adam Molewko started Finer Credit, a free digital mortgage broker to make faster, cheaper and easier mortgages accessible to everyone.

Finer Credit Pre Seed Round

Finer Credit’s goal is to make the process easier, more digital and more transparent. Especially, for the 86 million migrant population in Europe currently underserved by the financial services market. Finer Credit will provide a fully automated service in the user’s native language which will be available from a mobile device or a computer. That means no paperwork and no hassle to access the best possible mortgage deals. Moreover, users can get up to 45% cheaper mortgage products than traditional solutions and complete their deals in as little as one week.

Finer Credit announced their pre-seed funding from Think Bigger Capital on the 23rd of December 2020. This funding will be used to develop the initial version of the product — an automated mortgage advisory module that utilizes innovative technology to replace the human advisors and provide made-to-measure transparent solutions to the customers.

Over the following months, Finer Credit will add an automated ID verification to its process as well as simplify the fact-finding process by applying open banking API solutions. This means significantly less time for the user to spend on answering the questions regarding the financial circumstances and more accuracy when sending the application to the lender. Other upcoming additions to the Finer Credit’s service is automated advice on insurance products to go along with the mortgage as well as a variety of products to protect the family and the close ones.

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